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Being an independent and physician-owned and managed facility, doctors gain increased control over their surgical practices, like a chef who can choose his own ingredients and cookware. As a result, doctors who work at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) enjoy a more favorable work environment and have a very high satisfaction rate with the care they are able to provide. These benefits explain why doctors all over the USA choose to work in an ASC. As a result, a happy doctor is a happy patient.

In the ASC setting, doctors and surgeons are able to schedule procedures more effectively, assemble teams of specially trained and highly skilled staff, participate in purchasing instruments, equipment and supplies that are best suited to their techniques, and design the facility tailored to their specialty, their professional preferences, and the specific needs of their patients. This ensures that the surgeon will be comfortable and confident in the environment which they will be operating in and in turn, this optimizes the outcome for patients.

Arctic Surgery Center has embraced this advanced model of service which allows the clinical team of doctors, anesthesiologists and registered nurses to focus exclusively on a small number of processes in a single setting, rather than having to rely on a hospital setting with large-scale demands for space, resources and administration. A smaller setting improves the quality control. It means our staff spend less time on administrative burdens and management concerns. Instead, our team is empowered to personally guide innovative strategies for clinical development because the outcomes are realized and immediate. The ultimate result is high-quality service and 1:1 care for patients.


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The Recovery Experience

That’s what it is – an experience. One like no other in Alaska.

As a result of our small-scale, high-focused model, patients are able to enjoy maximum patient-doctor interaction without the middlemen throughout the process. This is also the case during the recovery phase. Your safety, comfort and overall experience in our recovery room is important to us.

Not only will you be recovering amidst the healing scenery of our South Eastern Alaskan landscape, but you will have a Board Certified Pain Specialist doctor as well as a Registered Nurse by your side, providing you 1:1 care during your recovery phase. You will find that there is no need to activate a nurse call button to call out for help. Our approach has resulted in the rapid, swift recoveries we routinely see at our center, unheard of anywhere else in Alaska.  Our patients typically report pain scales under 3/10, are alert, orientated and relaxed, and many have reported no pain at all while recovering at our facility. Many of our patients do not even require narcotics or opioids during or after their recovery with us.

The secret is in our exclusive pain analgesia system tailored to your individual needs. We will change the way you think about recovery time and discomfort after surgery. Our approach is virtually unheard of for patients in hospital facilities where volume and production pressures trump patient-oriented initiatives. We do not provide the same “one-size-fits-all” anesthesia, but a customized pain analgesia and post-anesthesia management solution specifically for you. You will have the opportunity to be involved in your care throughout the process, including pre-operative consultations with your Board Certified pain and anesthesia doctor. This is unique to Arctic Surgery Center.

  • Shorter recovery time

  • Individual Recovery area

  • Board Certified Pain Specialist Doctor

With such personalized care, it’s no surprise that we have a 98% patient satisfaction rate.

What the Experts are Saying

A study published in Health Affairs found that ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) saved money and increased efficiency for insurers and patients, while providing equal or higher quality of care as hospital outpatient departments. The study conducted by health economists Elizabeth Munnich of the University of Louisville and Stephen Parente of the University of Minnesota concluded that “ASCs are a high-quality, lower-cost substitute for hospitals as venues for outpatient surgery”.

  • Convenient location

  • Shorter wait time

  • 1:1 care and more privacy

Low Infection Rate

As a small facility with a trusted and tightly-knit team, we have fewer people entering and roaming in the sterile areas of our facility. This means there is less bacteria being introduced or circulating in our facility, and teamed with our well maintained sanitary and sterile protocols, the result is an infection rate that is virtually 0%. Safety is paramount to Arctic Surgery Center and we have maintained a clean, sanitary work environment and sterile procedures that have allowed our infection rate to be virtually non-existant.

  • Convenient location

  • Shorter wait time

  • 1:1 care and more privacy

Experience Innovation

As a leader in the evolution of surgical care in Alaska, Arctic Surgery Center has proven to be ahead of the curve in identifying promising avenues for improving the delivery of health care in The Last Frontier.

Faster acting and more effective anesthetics and less invasive techniques have driven this outpatient migration. Procedures that only a few years ago required major incisions, long-acting anesthetics and extended convalescence can now be performed through closed techniques utilizing short-acting anesthetics, and with minimal recovery time.

As medical innovation continues to advance, we will continue to adopt the new technological changes and more traditionally inpatient procedures will be able to be performed safely in the outpatient setting at a more affordable price. With our solid track record of performance in patient satisfaction, safety, quality and cost management, Arctic Surgery Center is embracing the changes that will allow it to continue to play a leading role in raising the standards of performance in the delivery of outpatient surgical services.

Experience Convenience

Due to our small-scale, tightly knit team and 1:1 doctor to patient interaction, frustrating delays or long scheduling wait times are reduced. With the elimination of institutional demands that often occur in hospitals, you will be treated as though you are the only patient at Arctic Surgery Center. As a small-scale facility, we have the flexibility to cater to your schedule and preferences.

As a private and independent facility, our location is convenient, accessible and comfortable. You no longer have to wade through a campus with a GPS or map directions. Forget walking miles through a car park, up five flights of stairs and three elevators. At Arctic Surgery Center, simply park your vehicle and enter. Patients say they simply feel “right at home”.

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