Patients share their Arctic Surgery Center experience.

What Arctic Surgery Center patients have to say:

They’re great! Best atmosphere. Great feeling in surgery room. Clean. Lovely. –D.M

Staff was courteous and met my needs. Thank you for the special care. God bless. –W.K.

Best medical experience I’ve had. –R.K.

Very stress-free environment. Best medical care I’ve ever gotten.

I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell, Neurosurgeon, and Dr. Price, Anesthesiologist, at the Arctic Surgical Center. I had chronic cervical pain that radiated throughout my face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands for well over 20 years due to the instability of C-3, C-4 and C-7. Prior to meeting Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Price in person, I learned that these professionals utilized the latest medical technologies and methodologies that made sense according to my training in back and neck pain management. Upon talking with both physicians in person, I found their knowledge, compassion and practical experiences were remarkable.  More importantly, Dr. Maxwell’s and Dr. Price’s exceptional surgical and medicinal skills eliminated my debilitating pain immediately after an only two (2) hour minimally invasive surgery.

Succinctly stated, I am thrilled to once again live an energetic, pain-free life while still in awe at the enormous amount of pain I endured on a daily basis for so many years before hearing about this exceptional professional team who cared enough to stabilize my vertebrae so that my body could heal. This team can do the same for you. Laura Lamoreux, March 11, 2019

The best and most caring doctors and staff that I have been served by. Thank you all for being here. I will tell the city!!

I feel like I received the best care possible here, total difference from my last fusion at (another hospital). All the staff here are amazing!!​

Thank you for your professionalism & concerns

Thank you! Awesome atmosphere!

Excellent care before, during & after surgery. I would highly recommend this surgery center to others.

My experience here was amazing. Please continue.

Nurse Jessica, Dr. Price, and Dr. Maxwell alleviated my fears about the surgery. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the facility. Thank you so much for taking care of me!

My experience from first consult to surgery and follow-up were excellent in every way. I did not have pain after surgery. I did have what I would call discomfort. After decades of issues with my neck, it was amazing to hear Dr. Maxwell say after surgery that, “it is fixed”; and I believe it is.

I appreciated the phone calls from the doctors at home day/night after surgery. Staff are all excellent and it was a great experience.

Very nice clinic & super clean. All nurses & doctors are fantastic.

Everybody was excellent. Best care I have ever had. Thank you so much. And thank you for getting me chicken noodle soup 🙂

Best treatment I have ever had from any medical group! Staff were pleasant, professional and empathetic. Thanks!

I met with the nurses and anesthesiologist before surgery so that I would understand everything that was going to happen and what to expect afterwards.


After I decided I wanted the surgery I was able to get an operating room slot in a week. No waiting a month for a spot to be open at the local hospital. The patient care was top notch.


A first class facility run by a first class staff. Everyone knows there job and performs it in a highly professional manner. I was especially impressed by the anesthesiologist, he was so thorough in his consultation with me that I was completely at ease with the semi-complicated process that was needed in my case. I’ve never had a Dr. explain something with the amount of detail that he did in terms I could easily understand. The nursing staff are extremely attentive, competent and actually really fun to be around. They put me at ease before and after the surgery and were right there for anything I needed. The entire staff are there for you.

It was so nice not being in a filthy hospital surrounded by sick people with a plethora of different Dr’s and nurses coming and going, you’re not just another number here.

I was shocked with how little pain I had the following morning and pretty much everyday after. I had watched YouTube videos of people who had the surgery and they were all talking hoarse and acting like they were just in a car wreck..it was pathetic. The morning after my surgery I had almost no pain and a little sore throat, about what one encounters while dealing with the common cold. I ate a big breakfast before my post-op appointment and drove myself 350 miles home.

The anesthesiologist was very thorough in his coverage of requirements, options & possible complications.

​The nursing staff were very friendly, helpful and upbeat.

Being able to have the surgery in a private operating room instead of a hospital made it so much more comfortable and available to my family members. It was almost like being at home. I highly recommend.

​A wonderful experience, I love it, very comfy.

​I couldn’t ask for a better experience for my first time being sedated. Staff made it very comfortable.

​Great attention to detail, very knowledgeable. I’m pleased with all the services provided. I am glad I came and chose Arctic Surgery Center.

​The new Arctic Surgery Center is great! The experience was like a brief doctor office visit for major surgery! Love all you guys!