Nationally surgery centers continually have lower infection rates than hospitals.

When patients opt to have procedures at the Arctic Surgery Center instead of a hospital, they avoid interaction with other patients, lowering the risk of infection. The fact that Arctic Surgery Center patients can get in and out of the facility within 24 hours also decreases their risk of infection and associated complications, as compared to hospitals that may require prolonged stays.

Smaller Scale Facilities

Surgery centers are smaller than hospitals making the process easier for patients. Locally, some of the benefits for patients are shorter wait times for scheduling a procedure, the ability to recuperate at home (as an outpatient), convenient location with complimentary parking and lower costs.

Management and Ownership

Locally owned and operated, Arctic Surgery Center is committed to quality care, safety and providing a new outpatient surgery experience.


  • Cost

  • Convenience

  • Safety

  • Quality

  • 1:1 care and more privacy



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